Sunday, November 30, 2008

Foods Outside Taman Selesa~~

Been back from NZ for almost 4 week already I think. Been out to have breakfast and lunch for quite a couple of times. Been changing places to eat, just to make sure I manage to eat all my favourite dish before I return to NZ. LOL...

~This is the Shang Nyuk Mien, just ordinary pork noodle, but really nice~

~Gon Lau Kway Teow~

~This comes with the noodle, you got the choice of the combination of type of meat in the soup that go along with the noodle~

~Fried tofu, taste nice, but I had it nicer at another place~

~Pan Mien Soup, not boasting, but I still feel that my mum's Pan Mien is the best, but this taste nice as well~

~Gon Lau Pan Mien, a dried style Pan Mien~

~Another Gon Lau, I had it at a place i never went before. The noodle just taste normal~

~This one comes with the Gon Lau above. Not too bad, but I like the fish balls, springy~

~This is You Char Kway, you can't get it freshly fried in NZ, it just taste so nice!~

~Me and my sis, Sam, went out to look or a computer hard ware one afternoon, then felt hot and thirsty, then decided to go to Wagamama at Asia City to rest. We ordered the Ebi Tempura, Tempura style prawns, nice!~


Frederick Loh said...

Wah... so NICE! Argghhhhh

cainsfeel said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha....
then come here and taste it la...