Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cookings at Taman Selesa~~

Been back for a week already.... And finally could taste my mum's cooking for 7 months or so... Mua ha ha ha ha... first my mum cooked pork leg (猪脚醋), yummm....

~Pork leg in process~
Then, yesterday night, my mum cooked me crabs... My mum cooked it with tomato ketchup, chili sauce, and with eggs.. My my, so so so so delicious!!!

~Just look at the size of the crab, it's much bigger than my psp~
~My my, what a big crab it is~
~And the end product!!!~
~It's just the normal crab here, and I've eaten a much bigger one~

I found out a very funny thing about my dad. Every one in the family know that my dad hated, not just hate, but loathed the garlic. He cannot tolerate any big sized chopped garlic in my mum's cooking. Thus, he now had a new responsibility when my mum starts to prepare dinner for the family, which is to FINELY, and yes, very finely chop the garlic. And it is how amazing my dad could chop the garlics into very very very fine bits, and it's finer than what you can find in garlic bread!!! And the most interesting thing is that he would spent like half an hour to 45 mins. to "refine" the garlics... Man, I really salute him!!! Praise you, my beloved old bean!!!
~The original size of the garlic~

~Garlic "refining" in process~

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