Sunday, November 30, 2008

Foods Outside Taman Selesa~~

Been back from NZ for almost 4 week already I think. Been out to have breakfast and lunch for quite a couple of times. Been changing places to eat, just to make sure I manage to eat all my favourite dish before I return to NZ. LOL...

~This is the Shang Nyuk Mien, just ordinary pork noodle, but really nice~

~Gon Lau Kway Teow~

~This comes with the noodle, you got the choice of the combination of type of meat in the soup that go along with the noodle~

~Fried tofu, taste nice, but I had it nicer at another place~

~Pan Mien Soup, not boasting, but I still feel that my mum's Pan Mien is the best, but this taste nice as well~

~Gon Lau Pan Mien, a dried style Pan Mien~

~Another Gon Lau, I had it at a place i never went before. The noodle just taste normal~

~This one comes with the Gon Lau above. Not too bad, but I like the fish balls, springy~

~This is You Char Kway, you can't get it freshly fried in NZ, it just taste so nice!~

~Me and my sis, Sam, went out to look or a computer hard ware one afternoon, then felt hot and thirsty, then decided to go to Wagamama at Asia City to rest. We ordered the Ebi Tempura, Tempura style prawns, nice!~

My Finals Result~~

My hard work during finals did paid off in the end. When I was having exams for my 3 papers, which are the INFO 101, MGMT 1o1 and QUAN 111, I thought that I've screwed it. The paper that worried me most is the bloody Quan 111. I'll remember it for the rest of my life, cause I had a friend told me that I can pass the paper easily by just doing pass years papers. Eventually I did. Quan paper was the last paper I had during my finals, and i only had 3 days to prepare for it. I could do the pass year, not excellently, but quite OK, I mean, at least I know how to do the question and at least finish the questions. Then the next day, was the big thing. was nervous that time, but still feeling quite a bit of confident. Then went it to the exam hall and opened up the question paper, taken a look on the 1st question, I was twitching. Then on the look of 2nd question, in my mind was "HOLY CRAP!". I tried my best to do the paper. And man, it was quite tough for me. Damn! Then, went out from the hall with one question not done, I was completely hopeless to get a pass on the paper.

However, I've check on my results week back, and man, I was glad that my hard work was paid. I got a little more than pass for that paper. Mua ha ha ha. When I went to check on my result on the black board and saw my result, I was so so so happy that I actually jumped up and down... Ha ha ha.. and I couldn't stop laughing the whole night!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Trip To The Beach~~

Days been bored and after normal lunch with my family near my dad office, I decided that to bring my granny and my sis to the beach. We make a short stop back to my house, then bring up all the things we needed, and not forgetting the stupid dog,then heading off to the beach.

~My stupid dog~
~The scenery when we reach~

~the small stream connecting to the sea~

~Me, bringing the dog to swim~

~You can see some tiny crabs crawling out from their holes along the beach~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ultraman Series~~

Lasrt night, around 11.30 p.m. like that, me and my family went to the mamaks, excluding my dad and my granny. 5 of us were hungry at that time, so we decided to go to Salim, where is the famous mamak stall here.

~This is the mamak stall looking from outside~
We went in there and sat down and started to order our food. I've order Madras Ping, along with Mee Goreng. Then my sis them all ordered Roti Telur, Roti Chanai, and Roti Tisu. While waiting for the food and drinks to come, I had my sis to pose for me for a camera shot.

Then our drinks came, and my beloved Madras Ping!!! Nice and refreshing. This drink is different from the Teh Tarik we usually had in the mamak stalls...
~It's refreshing enough ny just looking at it...~

There are quite a lot of people at the restaurant that time, so it took quite a while for the foods to arrive. Then, all four of us (of course my mum didn't join us in the stupid act...) transformed into Ultraman!!!!
~Ultraman No.1, Amanda Man!!!~

~Ultraman No.2, Melissa Man!!!~

~Ultraman No.3, Samantha Man!!!~

~And of course not to forget me, Ultraman No.4, Rebecca Man!!!~

Then finally at long last, our food came!!!! Man, of all of the food we ordered, and including the drinks, it only cost us RM 17.70!!!! My god, where can you find this cheap food in Wellington?! I don't feel like going back to NZ now... sob... sob...

~Mee Goreng, look so so so different from those "fake" ones you got in Wellington!!!~

~Roti Tisu~

~Roti Chanai~

~Roti Telur~

Dining at Dovish~~

Dovish, is one of my favourite restaurant in KK. We had then when I was back in KK on the second night. We had quite a few dishes, and some were my favourites.

~Sa Bak, a shell liked stuff steamed with garlic, man, tasted heavenly~

~Crabs, cooked with rice wine, and my god, you really can't find it anywhere~

~This vege, taste nice, but was not what I imagine to be like. I had this in another Dovish in Lahad Datu, that one is superb, but this one also nice, fried vegies, and had some dark soy sauce on top of it~

~Dong Fung Lor, shell like creature, not my favourite, but still quite nice~

~ Here come the main course, the ginger fried rice, yummy~

~Prawns, this is just normal prawns, just boiled with hot water, and the taste is so so so sweet~

~The size of the prawn~

~And lastly, the dessert, coconut pudding, one word, refreshing!!!~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cookings at Taman Selesa~~

Been back for a week already.... And finally could taste my mum's cooking for 7 months or so... Mua ha ha ha ha... first my mum cooked pork leg (猪脚醋), yummm....

~Pork leg in process~
Then, yesterday night, my mum cooked me crabs... My mum cooked it with tomato ketchup, chili sauce, and with eggs.. My my, so so so so delicious!!!

~Just look at the size of the crab, it's much bigger than my psp~
~My my, what a big crab it is~
~And the end product!!!~
~It's just the normal crab here, and I've eaten a much bigger one~

I found out a very funny thing about my dad. Every one in the family know that my dad hated, not just hate, but loathed the garlic. He cannot tolerate any big sized chopped garlic in my mum's cooking. Thus, he now had a new responsibility when my mum starts to prepare dinner for the family, which is to FINELY, and yes, very finely chop the garlic. And it is how amazing my dad could chop the garlics into very very very fine bits, and it's finer than what you can find in garlic bread!!! And the most interesting thing is that he would spent like half an hour to 45 mins. to "refine" the garlics... Man, I really salute him!!! Praise you, my beloved old bean!!!
~The original size of the garlic~

~Garlic "refining" in process~

Friday, November 14, 2008

On My Way Home~~

This time I don't need to travel alone. I travel back to KK with Elun. We headed off to Wellington Airport around 1830, and our flight is at 1930. I got Fung SiFu to send me and Elun to airport.
Then we go check in at the counter. Our luggage total up to 50 kg, 21 kg for me and 29 for Elun. It was just nice for the weight, but suddenly the guy at the counter say that one person can only have 25 kg. But me and Elun was travelling together, so 2 of us can carry 50 kg, and it was just nice, our weight, until now i still don't know why the guy at the counter asked us to even out our luggage weight.... Then after me and Elun sorted things out, his luggage weighted 26 and mine 23...

~My Luggage, 23 kg, with one of Elun's hard disk inside and his bunch of wires~

~Elun's Luggage~
We reach Auckland Airport around 2030, then we go loitering around with our bunch of luggage. At first we waited at the check-in area, but then we got hungry, so we went to the McDonald's at the other end of the airport.
~Auckland Airport's McDonald~
Then we decided to wait at the McDonald until our check-in time, which is at 0450... Each of us take turns to walk around the airport, then, at a point, Elun was so tired that he rest on the McD's table... Kesihan...
~Exhausted Elun~
We waited for 6 hours before we could check-in. Then we boarded the flight to Brunei, finally. The flight was ahead of schedule, but got delayed because 2 passenger were detained by the and were not allowed to travel. Then another shocking is that we are flying directly to Brunei, me and Elun was like OMG!!! Our flight to Brunei takes about 9 hours and 10 min. Reach Brunei, another 6 hours to wait.. Stupid!!! We got the meal voucher from the ticket counter, had our lunch, then slept throughout the whole time until the time that we need to get through security check. During the security check, there was a problem from a family traveler traveled from Heath row, where they had bought some duty free stuff that was liquid and it cost 50 pound. The family explained that the the duty free airport that sold them the liquid did not seal the goods for them, and the staff just would not let them get through the security check. The family was furious and one of the family member was swearing the whole time. Then, it was time to board the flight, and finally, I'm back to KK!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinner with Friends~~

Yesterday, me, Nicole, Emma and Emma's cousin went out together to have dinner. At first we wanted to go to Hell Pizza to have buffet, reach there then only we knew that they dun have it for the summer. Then we went to another place, after much discussion. It was a Korean and Chinese Restaurant, forgot the shop name. Reach there, bloody shop said Monday not open. I was so hungry that time until I was @#$%^.... Ish...

Then our last resort, go to HK BBQ. Reach there, I saw Frederick, Kim and Marilyn ( I think that's her name... :p ) We were so hungry, and the 4 of us ordered 6 dished to share between us, plus 2 bowls of rice... Mua ha ha ha..

Alright, the far left end, inside the black clay pot, is the 鱼香茄子(egg plant cooked with meat),at the right is the 烧鸭(Roast Duck), and the dipping sauce is superb!!!! In the middle, is the 烧肉(Roast Pork), my my, missed the roast pork back in KK... The green dish is 上海小白菜(Chinese Vegetable), then the front right is the 叉烧(BBQ Pork), yummy... Lastly is the pot in front is the 海鲜煲(Seafood Claypot) >^< !!! This is the picture during the meal...
After the meal, and yes I know, it's very shocking... Mua ha ha ha...

And there's the 2 bowls of rice... Eh he he he he..

After dinner, we went to New World at Oriental Bay. I bought home 6 bottle of Manuka Honey... While accompanying Emma and YiXin buying their grocery, we pass by the section where they put meats for dogs, and guess what we found, a very big bone!!! 

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Finals~~

Hish!!!!! There goes my finals..

Was quite confidence before the papers, but when I turn over the paper start reading the 1st question, 1st thing flash through my mind "@#$%^"!!!


Did so badly...
Especially for my Quan 111... Do pass year also no use...

Stupid me... Sob Sob....

The night before my Mgmt 101, Nicole and me went to the restaurant at Cuba St., called oriental something, forgot the name, ate the "鱼香茄子煲", egg plant cooked with some meat. The dish was nice, but OMG!!! So damn oiley!!!

Just get to look at the yellowish stuff, it's all oil!!!