Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Self Questioning~~~

Why the heck did I take up Accy?

Why did I not retry my LLB?

Why why why?

I'm sitting here in the stupid computer area, with nice view outside the window,
nice weather outside,
but test in is another 2 hours,
been sittin ghere since 9 in the morning,
but nothing gone into my brain....

I'm totally screwed for this paper!!!

Test, exam and assignment

Why is it that every time my test and assignemnt there must be event and festival?

This year,
3 years 4 years in a row that I have not celebrated Mid-Autum with my family,
miss them dearly,
missed the food my mum always cook for this festive,
misses the moon cakes....
miss playing candle with my sis,
pretending that we were cooking with the candle,
and miss the most is burning down the laterns once we have done with it.....

Miss jokes from my dad,
miss nagging from my mum,
misses every thing there back in KK,
miss every one back there,
and come to think of it,
I think there are more than 7 years that I have not celebrated with my granny.....
Misses her dearly.....

Miss celebrating every festive with my family....
miss every thing back there...
miss my car, my dog and my super comfy room....
miss my entertainment there, the 50 inch plasma tv....
miss the piano.....


Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Ang Mohs Can Do Funny Stuff with Asian Food

 There is this group of ang mohs, came in and sat at the table near the kitchen. I've taken the order from the table and also served them with their drinks. Their entree was going on quite smooth, but something funny happened to them when Mosquito served them their mains.

There is this lady who had ordered a Hainanese Chicken Rice for her main, and sitting right next to her there is this old lady. This Hainanese Chicken Rice of ours, we served it in 3 portion, one plate is the garlic rice, one plate is the chicken, and a small bowl of broth. So.... Mosquito served the lady that order the Hainanese Chicken Rice, as well as the rice and the broth.

Then the next thing happened, the old lady go DIPPED her fingers into the broth, thinking that the broth was a hand washing bowl.... =.=  (That soup was actually very hot!!)

The whole table jacked up laughing like mad upon the finger dipping. LOL... i wonder did she not seen the steam from the bowl? And the water wasn't clear enough to be served as a hand washing bowl!!! Man.....

And i ever gotten questions that sounded like this:

Customer: Hi ya, I would like to order a Hainanese Chicken Rice.
Me: Sure, no prob

Then served him/her their main...

Customer: Erm, excuse me...
Me: Yes, can I help you?
Customer: (Looking at his/her Hainanese Chicken Rice) How do you actually eat this thing?
Me: ........ Er, you just eat it?

LOL, what you expected me to say? The chicken wasn't even an unchopped whole chicken, was already been chopped up nicely, just use your fork and spoon and your mouth to eat!! What you expect? A French Cuisine?!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Procrastination to the MAX!!!!!

Procrastination  is always my biggest enemy.... I like to leave things to the last minute... I dunno why... Been abandoned this blog for quite a while.... have not been updating ti for ages... probably because nothing much exciting stuff happen to me, except that Sam has finally come to NZ.

A lot of people had come and gone, in and out of my life... Sudden realisation that, I actually don;t have much friends.... Well, except those that are close with me like Nicole, Niyo, Kartik and such. But by the end of this year, Nicole and Kartik will be going back home...

Was always wondering myself, should I be more active in making new friend. Indeed all my friend said that I'm friendly, but this year i found that I'm seriously lack of enthisiastic in doing every thing... Screwed up my last semester... need to to summer course to compensate it.....


CNY Beijing Trip 14-20/2/2010

This year's CNY was a bit differnt, iunstead of staying back in KK rottting, we decided to plan another family trip to China!!! Well, that was just two months apart from outr Japan trip...

We were bound to fly on the 13th of February, which was the midnight of the CNY eve. We still had our reunion dinner, but the portion was a bit lesser than we normally will prepare, because we will be going to China for a 6 days 6 night trip.

After the dinner, we cleaned up every thing and preparing to go to the airport. Not a rush for us because our house is only 10 min away from the KKIA, and my parents still get to play mahjong with uncle and aunty lee wah them all....

But I had to leave early, because I'm the tour leader for this tour. But to be honest, nothing much needed to be done this time because this tour only consist 2 family and a total of 10 peopel including me... Wa ha ha ha ha... Yet, I still have to go to the airport early to get things done, such as issuing ticket and stuff like that.
While checking-in, I saw Yunn, coincidently she's a tour leader as well for Eddie, and was bringing tour to Taiwan. I laughed at her, cause I knew her mum would make noise since that she need to bring tour on the CNY eve and throughout the whole CNY... Then we gossiped a little, about some other's company's trouble on the last few trip to Japan...

Then, boarding time. As usual, we took Korean Air to China, but needed to transit in Korea for 2 hours.

~ Street View~

~ Another Street View ~

~ Unexpectedly found a vegetable that wtill had its root ~

~ Street view from the restaurant ~
~ The Bank of China ~

~Some tall buildings~

~ It was so cold that the river freezes over~
~ Pity the dog, its back got dyed with PINK~

Japan Trip 18-25.12.2009 - Foods

Breakfast supplied by Korean Air

2nd Breakfast, also supplied by Korean Air

Chinese food in China Town... Taste: awful

Lunch.... Taste: Magnificent!!!

Luxury Dinner Set, the traditional dinner set, but now only commonly seen during wedding dinner of the Japanese

Portion looks small, but the staff keep filling us food and bringing in new dishes....

Had this lunch in a restaurant that produce magnificent plum product....

Udon that comes with the meal above...

One of the small dish....

Soup!!! inside was just plain water, chicken, some vegetable and glass noodle... Taste: superb!!!


SASHIMI!!!!! The taste of freshness, you really can't taste it in Malaysia~~~~

Another more common dinner set in Japan

Road side stall.... We get to taste the common night life in Japan... it is exactly those you saw in Japanese movie!!! we had a great supper there, and the bill was 6400 yen, equivalent to RM 260++

Ramen!!!!! Very very very very different taste... It's a must try if you get to go to Japan!!!

Christmas cake, was actually a black forest, the look is good, so does the taste, but it was around 6000 yen.... which is around 300 MYR~~~

Bird view of the cake

Dinner, provided by Korean Air as well.... It's called Ginseng Chicken, and inside it you can actually find pieces of ginseng!!!

Lunch Set!!!! could say the most "humble" meal throughout the tour...

1st night's dinner... don't think that the potion is small, the staff keep bringing in new dishes, and my god, all of us was bloated after the meal...

A simple lunch...