Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Ang Mohs Can Do Funny Stuff with Asian Food

 There is this group of ang mohs, came in and sat at the table near the kitchen. I've taken the order from the table and also served them with their drinks. Their entree was going on quite smooth, but something funny happened to them when Mosquito served them their mains.

There is this lady who had ordered a Hainanese Chicken Rice for her main, and sitting right next to her there is this old lady. This Hainanese Chicken Rice of ours, we served it in 3 portion, one plate is the garlic rice, one plate is the chicken, and a small bowl of broth. So.... Mosquito served the lady that order the Hainanese Chicken Rice, as well as the rice and the broth.

Then the next thing happened, the old lady go DIPPED her fingers into the broth, thinking that the broth was a hand washing bowl.... =.=  (That soup was actually very hot!!)

The whole table jacked up laughing like mad upon the finger dipping. LOL... i wonder did she not seen the steam from the bowl? And the water wasn't clear enough to be served as a hand washing bowl!!! Man.....

And i ever gotten questions that sounded like this:

Customer: Hi ya, I would like to order a Hainanese Chicken Rice.
Me: Sure, no prob

Then served him/her their main...

Customer: Erm, excuse me...
Me: Yes, can I help you?
Customer: (Looking at his/her Hainanese Chicken Rice) How do you actually eat this thing?
Me: ........ Er, you just eat it?

LOL, what you expected me to say? The chicken wasn't even an unchopped whole chicken, was already been chopped up nicely, just use your fork and spoon and your mouth to eat!! What you expect? A French Cuisine?!

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ChuiYing said...

i'm sure it's gonna be very pain...
poor lady...==
btw, hw come they din notice it's very hot?...

anyway, i admit tat i was LOL when i read this...xD
so funny...xDD