Sunday, August 8, 2010

Japan Trip 18-25.12.2009 - Place Visited & Street View Part 2

One of the famous shrine in Kyushu. This house a rest place for the generals that visit the shrine. There are pebbles on the ground, this is to prevent there are ninjas getting near the house to assassinate the generals.

This is the staircase to the shrine. The generals and his family will stay a night in the house shown above before starting to pray in the morning.

The shrine

All the stalls were covered and was getting ready for their new years

This park wasn't in our schedule, but our tour guide brought us along as it is on our way to other place. And we had known from the local store owner, we are the 1st oversea tours that went to the park!!!

The natural water falls in the park

Vending machines that was just outside the local store

One of the famous hot spring in Japan

Scene inside of the hot spring park

Steams are every where in the hot spring park

Tour around the town. The white gases was in fact steams from the hot spring. The geographic of the town was so unique that, all the house hold were connected with the hot water from the hot spring. In other words, all the residents there literally had their own private hot spring connected to their house.

Sewerage cover found randomly on the street

Underground shopping street

An active volcano. We stopped by there for a pit stop rest, and on scene, the volcano was giving out a lot of dust smoke. Then the next day, our tour guide said that the local government had issued and warning that the volcano is once again active and may erupt in the possible future.

A famous castle in Sakurai Jima

A very nice a solid castle that was standing there since a few hundred years ago.

On a hill in Skurai Jima looking down to the town

On a hill in Skurai Jima looking down to the town

An active volcano just opposite the town of Sakurai Jima

At a central park in Sakurai Jima

A volcano in Mount Aso

On our way up to Mount Aso

Our room in Mount Aso, a quite commercialised hotspring. There was a lot of international tourist there.

Morning scene of the room. Looked like and igloo...

The hotel that was near the Hard Rock Cafe

The Fukuoka Dome, taken from my hotel room window. That night, there was a SMAP concert there in the dome, and we kinda suspected that we were staying in the same hotel with SMAP that night!!!!

Japan Trip 18-25.12.2009 - Place Visited & Street View Part 1

Finally, time to board the aircraft to JAPAN!!!!


So, still the usual, 5 hours to Seoul Inchoen, then transit to Fukuoka.... waited like 2 hours in Incheon... Not too bad also...

ha ha ha ha

Finally touched down in Fukuoka airport, even though I'm not the tour leader this time still got ordered by my mum to escort the 2 grandparent (not mine, but the others' tour members') out to the waiting hall through the Immigration check up 1st. Got through nicely, got picture snapped at the counter with finger printed on the screening pad (felt like an idiot though when the officer asked me to smile at the small camera in front of me)....

Then got my luggage, walk through the custom, and there goes... Always the hardest part, searching for the tour guide that had been assigned to my mum's company.... Luckily this time was easy because I came our quite early... Saw the guide and the driver as well, and out of politeness bow to them and introduce myself (man, should have asked mosquito to do that instead of me >:( )....

Then wait till all the tour members come out, we begin our Luxury Japan Trip in Fukuoka!!!!!!!

Touch down at Fukuoka International Airport

View on our way to Unzen....

Some old tradition house along the rural road
to Unzen

At Unzen, this hot spring is only specially

for soaking legs only...

Views outside the international airport

 Miniature of pearl farm

tools of harvesting farm

types of pearl

River bank of the castle of some general (can't remember the name :P)

Small shrine on our way to the general castle

 Decoration of a mall

Vending machine that sell ALL kinds of cigarettes...

On our way to Unzen.....

Rural Street View...

our hotel on the 1st day... the totally traditional Japanese style one...

room was decently sized

We heard from the staff that it rarely snow in that area... Well, what can I say? Fukuoka welcomed us!!!!!!

Shop owners preparing to go home...

The Family's style snow man.....

Street was empty, was just only 8.30pm at that time....

some closed shops....

snow covered the whole place after one night, was taken in the next morning when we woke up

Street view, just out side of our hotel....

 Pachingko!!!! Went in, but don't get how the game was played, so come back out again

replicas of real food, it looks super real....