Thursday, December 31, 2009

KL Trip 02-06.12.2009 Part 3

After NaiNai's birthday party, we head back down to city central and spend two nights there. When we reach the Dewan Perpustakaan, we had the taste of real traffic jam once more... LOL, while we were in the jam, dad keep nagging that KL is not suitable for inhabitant and stuff like that... then me and Mosquito start to remembering the past when ever we pass by our old school or buildings that brings back the memory...
We stayed 2 nights in KL at Royale Bintang. Hotel was quite good and clean. We only asked for one room, so the 6 of us have to cram into one twin share room... on the 1st day in KL, after we had leave all the luggage in the hotel room, we went straight to our old house to go see my granny, then, we brought her for lunch. After lunch, we went back to city centre. That night, we went to Jalan Alor to settle our dinner, mmmmm.... Yummy!!! Mosquito didn't come along because she 发瘟 again...
The next day, early morning we went back to Cheras to fetch granny to go to Klang Bak Kut Teh. We started the journey at 8.30 a.m., and only reaching there nearly 10.30 a.m. Not that the journey was far, but the traffic jam was horrible. Dad even make fun that this journey to Klang very long, we must sit and enjoy our food for 2 hours in order to make the time wasted on traffic jam worth while.... LOL... but we only used 45 min finished every thing....
Then we head back to Cheras to drop granny back home, then head to Majlis Perbandaraan to settle something. After that, we went back to hotel, rest a bit, then SHOPPING!!!! Mua ha ha ha ha.....
the rest of the day in KL we spent on shopping, shopping and shopping, and occasionally eating. I'm able to meet up with Nicole before I had to head back to Seremban....

~Escargot, a cheese baked French Snail @ The Ship~
~Klang Bak Kut Teh~

~Waiting for the Bak Kut Teh, with mouth watering~

~Taken in the hotel room~

~Char Siu Bao!!!!~

~Curry Mee!!! And only West M'sia had the curry with clam,which is my favourite!!~

KL Trip 02-06.12.2009 Part 2

After the 2 hours flight from KK to KL, mad another hour and a half to send A-Wei back to Puchong then coming back out then head straight to Seremban, we finally reach there!! When we reached the front gate, we saw NaiNai was standing out there (later on she explained to us that she just came back from the groom’s new house). After greeting her, all of us head straight into the house to put down our luggage. In there, we meet up with our long time no see second aunt (well, not for me, cause I’ve met her last year April when she went to wellington for a business trip). More greetings and hugging, then NaiNai suggested us all to go to the new house. It was only less then 5 min drive to the new house.

We went into the house and sit there do nothing. Then me, dad, mum and mosquito were too bored, and we start playing “Chor Dai Di”. Then I say my uncle’s wife (whom I called her as pak mei) came down, saw us and start greeting us.

After that, we head to the restaurant, and my god, we need 3 tables to accommodate all the 3 generations. Second aunt was in charged of the whole celebration, so, she asked us to sit according to our age group. The kids table, which consist kid and teenagers that aging from 1-17 were seated together. The 2nd table was the grown up grand children table, which consist age group of 18-30 (just to let you guys know that the age span of my NaiNai’s grand children ranges from age 1 to 30). Then the last table accommodate my NaiNai (of course, duh) and her children with their spouse.

The night went on great, and 99% of the family member came back for the celebration (except for JinJie). The banquet room was equipped with karaoke, but none of us sang that night except for NaiNai, with the song of 月亮代表我的心, specially dedicated for us.

Me and A-mei was chatting through the whole course. We touched on a lot of topics, and mosquito joined us as well and also a-boy’s fiancé, Sim Yee. Throughout the whole conversation, we spoken in Cantonese and second aunt keep on asking us to speak English or mandarin, because Jin Kai cannot understand Cantonese. The four of us tried hard to speak English or mandarin, but within 10 seconds, we’ll switch it back to Cantonese, because we are not used to speak to each other with the language other than Cantonese… LOL, then second aunt will start shooting at us for not taking care of Jin Kai. Then another thing is that what ever me and A-Mei sis were talking about, her mum ( big aunt) will surely over heard us, then I jokingly asked her if she were eves dropping us, mana tau she said the 光明正大 listening to what we were chatting…. Sweat… =.=

After the whole meal, it was present time and photo taking session. Wa ha ha ha… when we present our present to NaiNai, the whole floor was amazed by our craft work… Nya ha ha ha… Man, I like the present, and when we had finished making it, me and mosquito felt not to give out the present, but in the end, the whole idea to for NaiNai, so we still choose to give it out... sob sob…

~The birthday cake for that night~

KL Trip 02~06.12.2009 Part 1

The main purpose for us to go back to KL - Seremban is to attend NaiNai's 70th birthday celebration and Vern Jian's wedding ceremony and dinner. We arrived KL around 3.30 p.m. in LCCT, and A-Wei picked us up from there and the we had to sent her back to her new house in Puchong, so we can borrow her car to drive back to Seremban.

Before we start our journey, we actually had made NaiNai a birthday present. We only started to decorating and made the present the day before we fly off to KL. Dad only had half day n his office, so he came back quite early back home, and to make note, his Prado masuk kilang already, so he had to depend on me to fetch him. So after he came home, I told him that me and mosquito needs to buy some materials for making NaiNai’s birthday present.
Me and mosquito been trying to explain what we wanted to make for NaiNai, but dad was too blunt to understand what we are trying to do. Dad followed us out as well cause he needs to go to the bank to settle something. We spend nearly 2 hours in gathering all the materials that we needed to the present. And guess what, starting from zero until the whole thing was finished, we only used 6 hours to finish it, plus there were some short breaks in between…

By the way, the present that we made for NaiNai is the 寿包…

~Letting the buns to dry completly from placing them on the stand~

~Arranging all 6 buns to fit into the stand~

~covering up the stand~

~The final look for the present~

An explaination note:
1) In chinese tradition, when an elder having a birthday on their 60's,70's,80's and so on, the younger generation are to celebrate the occasion with the bun.
2) The present that we made had 6 buns, where each of the buns represent each one of us in the family.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update for the Previous 4 months~~~

Minwei's birthday, so had dinner with her and Nicole and Emma in a Shanghai Restaurant called 缘味阁. We had dinner there because Minwei is from Shanghai. We got her a Durian cake to try (was Nicole's idea ~,<).....

~ the durian cake, weighted 1 kg~

~辣炒年糕, spicy rice cake~

~tomato fish (forgotten what's this dish called)~

~spicy pork ribs~



~Roast duck~

All the dishes was tasty, and i particularly like the spicy rice cake!!!!

Lazyness and procrasination~~~

It's been a long long while since I've last updated my blog. Will definitely update it this two weeks!!! Man, I'm seriously lazy.....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lunch at D' Junction

Found these picture in my laptop... We had lunch at this place during the Chinese New Year... This place is one of my favorite restaurant in KK, it might seem like quite an expensive place, but actually the price is quite ok.... our whole family had lunch there only cost us around almost RM 90....

~D' Junction~

~Part of interior of the restaurant~

~One of the special there, Herbal Chicken, very very nice!!~

~Cream of mushroom, I like the bread that comes alogn with the soup~

~Carbonara Fettuccine, nice, and creamy~

And the main introduction for this restaurant that I really like, is the Cheese Baked Rice!!! It's cheesy and very very creamy.... Very Very nice and very special!!! And it's only less than 15 bucks!!!

~The look of the Cheese Baked Rice~

~Just look at the cheese!!~

~The look after everything got mixed up~

~It's special because it's not served in plate, but in a small barrel~

Hot Pot With Friend

Rebecca Chan came last few week, and dunno how to post this blog, because we had done quite a lot of stuff, so decided only post the steam boat me and Rebecca had on one of the nights.... About the steam boat, was quite different from those I had previously... Why? Usually I had steamboat, it's either a chicken based soup or a Tom Yum soup based, but this time, I've tried the 麻辣烫, a very very spicy soup base... My god... It's very very nice, and plus that night very cold, so having steamboat very very nice!!!! Me and Rebecca Chan went to buy ingredients for the steamboat, and each of us only need to spent 15 bucks per person, and we able to have prawn as well... Mua ha ha ha... Hard for us to eat prawn during normal time... Yummm.... And we also had fish, fresh fish!!!!

~The set out~

~Nice right? And got different choice also~

~We had Udon rather than Mi Hoon~

~Prawns and Fish!!~

~Vege, wong nga bak~

~Squid balls, surimi and hot dogs!~

~Chicken, and it's very tender~

~The hot pot!!!~

Friday, June 26, 2009

Life of Spiciness!!!!

Been quite fond of hot and spicy stuff this few weeks. But maybe had to much, and my stomach hurts a lot!!! I like spicy food since I were a kiddo (some people said that eat s lot of chillies could make you slim, how come I'm not?!)... LOL....
~Mapo Tau Foo, cooked myself...~

~Doesn't quite looked like those you had outside, but I liked mine to have loads
of vegetables~

~The soup was from the steamboat before with Rebecca Chan, man, taste wonderful, and with bits of the ingredients left over from the steamboat~

Shopping Spree?

Rights, have been working now and after getting my salary, LOL, couldn't resist the temptation to buy things, because now ever where are at sales now... LOL... If mum knew about this, she'll say I 败家 again....

~Plain black shirt, for only $10~
~Spaghetti strapped, along with the white one below, same design,
but different color, for $25 for 2~
~Personally, I liked the white one better~
Then, during queen's birthday, and so coincidentally Rebecca Chan (one of my Hong Kong friend) came down to Wellington to visit me, and bought the rest of the stuff at Bling, one of the accessory shop in Willi's Street. All together the ear rings that I've bought only cost me $7.50!!!! Can you believe that?!

~Liked this, simple and nice~

~I've ever longed for a long one, but usually wither to many things
dangled on it or too long, this one is just nice for me~

~This one, bought it, but don't know whether to give Abi or to wear it
myself... Hhhmmm... Hard decision, LOL!!~

Conclusion of My Bday~~~

This year quite fruitful.. compared to last year, LOL..... Firstly, introduce what mosquito had made for me, as usual, hand made card from the very artistic mosquito~~

~The front of the card, and just to mention, the leave is from Korea trip last year~

~The inside of the card, purely hand made~
~My family's initial, LOL, mum is the godzilla, dad is the pyton~
~The back of the card, imitating the real card you get in the market~

~This is created by me and mosquito and was first use when
we send a handmade card to Nai Nai~

Then, there are friend's cards and present... LOL... To be serious, this is my 2nd or 3rd time receiving presents from friends... Sad kan? I really appreciated it... And a lot!!!!!

~This card is from Frederic~

~From my best friend at UK, Sarah hunnie~

~Guess from who? From VICTORIA!!!! Shocking huh? I actually got it last year as well, but didn't expected to get it this year~

Nicole and Emma did a lot of things for me during my bday, and to tell you guys here (if you are actually reading my blog that is), deep down in my heart I'm really touched!!! And I do appreciated it very very very very very very muuuuuucccchhhhh!!!!!! Seriously, don't really know how to thank you guy. If in the future you guys ever need my help, don't hesitate to ask for my hand!!!!

~Card from Nicole and Emma~

~Gift from Nicole and Emma~

~The big gift from Nicole and Emma, the bag...~

~The bag when it's not being spread out~

~The bag fully spread~

That concludes my bday this year!!!! Sigh, another year older, but not getting any where more matured.... Guess being childish is my nature... LOL...
P/S: Nicole, thanks again for the presents and the party!!!!!