Thursday, December 31, 2009

KL Trip 02~06.12.2009 Part 1

The main purpose for us to go back to KL - Seremban is to attend NaiNai's 70th birthday celebration and Vern Jian's wedding ceremony and dinner. We arrived KL around 3.30 p.m. in LCCT, and A-Wei picked us up from there and the we had to sent her back to her new house in Puchong, so we can borrow her car to drive back to Seremban.

Before we start our journey, we actually had made NaiNai a birthday present. We only started to decorating and made the present the day before we fly off to KL. Dad only had half day n his office, so he came back quite early back home, and to make note, his Prado masuk kilang already, so he had to depend on me to fetch him. So after he came home, I told him that me and mosquito needs to buy some materials for making NaiNai’s birthday present.
Me and mosquito been trying to explain what we wanted to make for NaiNai, but dad was too blunt to understand what we are trying to do. Dad followed us out as well cause he needs to go to the bank to settle something. We spend nearly 2 hours in gathering all the materials that we needed to the present. And guess what, starting from zero until the whole thing was finished, we only used 6 hours to finish it, plus there were some short breaks in between…

By the way, the present that we made for NaiNai is the 寿包…

~Letting the buns to dry completly from placing them on the stand~

~Arranging all 6 buns to fit into the stand~

~covering up the stand~

~The final look for the present~

An explaination note:
1) In chinese tradition, when an elder having a birthday on their 60's,70's,80's and so on, the younger generation are to celebrate the occasion with the bun.
2) The present that we made had 6 buns, where each of the buns represent each one of us in the family.

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