Thursday, December 31, 2009

KL Trip 02-06.12.2009 Part 2

After the 2 hours flight from KK to KL, mad another hour and a half to send A-Wei back to Puchong then coming back out then head straight to Seremban, we finally reach there!! When we reached the front gate, we saw NaiNai was standing out there (later on she explained to us that she just came back from the groom’s new house). After greeting her, all of us head straight into the house to put down our luggage. In there, we meet up with our long time no see second aunt (well, not for me, cause I’ve met her last year April when she went to wellington for a business trip). More greetings and hugging, then NaiNai suggested us all to go to the new house. It was only less then 5 min drive to the new house.

We went into the house and sit there do nothing. Then me, dad, mum and mosquito were too bored, and we start playing “Chor Dai Di”. Then I say my uncle’s wife (whom I called her as pak mei) came down, saw us and start greeting us.

After that, we head to the restaurant, and my god, we need 3 tables to accommodate all the 3 generations. Second aunt was in charged of the whole celebration, so, she asked us to sit according to our age group. The kids table, which consist kid and teenagers that aging from 1-17 were seated together. The 2nd table was the grown up grand children table, which consist age group of 18-30 (just to let you guys know that the age span of my NaiNai’s grand children ranges from age 1 to 30). Then the last table accommodate my NaiNai (of course, duh) and her children with their spouse.

The night went on great, and 99% of the family member came back for the celebration (except for JinJie). The banquet room was equipped with karaoke, but none of us sang that night except for NaiNai, with the song of 月亮代表我的心, specially dedicated for us.

Me and A-mei was chatting through the whole course. We touched on a lot of topics, and mosquito joined us as well and also a-boy’s fiancé, Sim Yee. Throughout the whole conversation, we spoken in Cantonese and second aunt keep on asking us to speak English or mandarin, because Jin Kai cannot understand Cantonese. The four of us tried hard to speak English or mandarin, but within 10 seconds, we’ll switch it back to Cantonese, because we are not used to speak to each other with the language other than Cantonese… LOL, then second aunt will start shooting at us for not taking care of Jin Kai. Then another thing is that what ever me and A-Mei sis were talking about, her mum ( big aunt) will surely over heard us, then I jokingly asked her if she were eves dropping us, mana tau she said the 光明正大 listening to what we were chatting…. Sweat… =.=

After the whole meal, it was present time and photo taking session. Wa ha ha ha… when we present our present to NaiNai, the whole floor was amazed by our craft work… Nya ha ha ha… Man, I like the present, and when we had finished making it, me and mosquito felt not to give out the present, but in the end, the whole idea to for NaiNai, so we still choose to give it out... sob sob…

~The birthday cake for that night~

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