Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lunch at D' Junction

Found these picture in my laptop... We had lunch at this place during the Chinese New Year... This place is one of my favorite restaurant in KK, it might seem like quite an expensive place, but actually the price is quite ok.... our whole family had lunch there only cost us around almost RM 90....

~D' Junction~

~Part of interior of the restaurant~

~One of the special there, Herbal Chicken, very very nice!!~

~Cream of mushroom, I like the bread that comes alogn with the soup~

~Carbonara Fettuccine, nice, and creamy~

And the main introduction for this restaurant that I really like, is the Cheese Baked Rice!!! It's cheesy and very very creamy.... Very Very nice and very special!!! And it's only less than 15 bucks!!!

~The look of the Cheese Baked Rice~

~Just look at the cheese!!~

~The look after everything got mixed up~

~It's special because it's not served in plate, but in a small barrel~

Hot Pot With Friend

Rebecca Chan came last few week, and dunno how to post this blog, because we had done quite a lot of stuff, so decided only post the steam boat me and Rebecca had on one of the nights.... About the steam boat, was quite different from those I had previously... Why? Usually I had steamboat, it's either a chicken based soup or a Tom Yum soup based, but this time, I've tried the 麻辣烫, a very very spicy soup base... My god... It's very very nice, and plus that night very cold, so having steamboat very very nice!!!! Me and Rebecca Chan went to buy ingredients for the steamboat, and each of us only need to spent 15 bucks per person, and we able to have prawn as well... Mua ha ha ha... Hard for us to eat prawn during normal time... Yummm.... And we also had fish, fresh fish!!!!

~The set out~

~Nice right? And got different choice also~

~We had Udon rather than Mi Hoon~

~Prawns and Fish!!~

~Vege, wong nga bak~

~Squid balls, surimi and hot dogs!~

~Chicken, and it's very tender~

~The hot pot!!!~

Friday, June 26, 2009

Life of Spiciness!!!!

Been quite fond of hot and spicy stuff this few weeks. But maybe had to much, and my stomach hurts a lot!!! I like spicy food since I were a kiddo (some people said that eat s lot of chillies could make you slim, how come I'm not?!)... LOL....
~Mapo Tau Foo, cooked myself...~

~Doesn't quite looked like those you had outside, but I liked mine to have loads
of vegetables~

~The soup was from the steamboat before with Rebecca Chan, man, taste wonderful, and with bits of the ingredients left over from the steamboat~

Shopping Spree?

Rights, have been working now and after getting my salary, LOL, couldn't resist the temptation to buy things, because now ever where are at sales now... LOL... If mum knew about this, she'll say I 败家 again....

~Plain black shirt, for only $10~
~Spaghetti strapped, along with the white one below, same design,
but different color, for $25 for 2~
~Personally, I liked the white one better~
Then, during queen's birthday, and so coincidentally Rebecca Chan (one of my Hong Kong friend) came down to Wellington to visit me, and bought the rest of the stuff at Bling, one of the accessory shop in Willi's Street. All together the ear rings that I've bought only cost me $7.50!!!! Can you believe that?!

~Liked this, simple and nice~

~I've ever longed for a long one, but usually wither to many things
dangled on it or too long, this one is just nice for me~

~This one, bought it, but don't know whether to give Abi or to wear it
myself... Hhhmmm... Hard decision, LOL!!~

Conclusion of My Bday~~~

This year quite fruitful.. compared to last year, LOL..... Firstly, introduce what mosquito had made for me, as usual, hand made card from the very artistic mosquito~~

~The front of the card, and just to mention, the leave is from Korea trip last year~

~The inside of the card, purely hand made~
~My family's initial, LOL, mum is the godzilla, dad is the pyton~
~The back of the card, imitating the real card you get in the market~

~This is created by me and mosquito and was first use when
we send a handmade card to Nai Nai~

Then, there are friend's cards and present... LOL... To be serious, this is my 2nd or 3rd time receiving presents from friends... Sad kan? I really appreciated it... And a lot!!!!!

~This card is from Frederic~

~From my best friend at UK, Sarah hunnie~

~Guess from who? From VICTORIA!!!! Shocking huh? I actually got it last year as well, but didn't expected to get it this year~

Nicole and Emma did a lot of things for me during my bday, and to tell you guys here (if you are actually reading my blog that is), deep down in my heart I'm really touched!!! And I do appreciated it very very very very very very muuuuuucccchhhhh!!!!!! Seriously, don't really know how to thank you guy. If in the future you guys ever need my help, don't hesitate to ask for my hand!!!!

~Card from Nicole and Emma~

~Gift from Nicole and Emma~

~The big gift from Nicole and Emma, the bag...~

~The bag when it's not being spread out~

~The bag fully spread~

That concludes my bday this year!!!! Sigh, another year older, but not getting any where more matured.... Guess being childish is my nature... LOL...
P/S: Nicole, thanks again for the presents and the party!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Dinner Round 2

So, there is a round 2 for my bday this year... On the real date itself, Frederick came up to me and asked me how I wanna celebrate, because I've got assignment due the next day, I said why not make it another day, then he say come on lar, he already told Derek to come along, and even San San, but San San cannot join us for the dinner... So I said it's ok, we'll decide where to have dinner after our lectures. So, me and him meet up at 6 at Rutherford House, then wait for Derek to show up. Meanwhile, we and him are still deciding where to have dinner..... I then suggested that I wanted to eat at HK BBQ(cause haven't been there since I got back to NZ). Then this Frederick said huh, really wanna go there ar... Ish.... Then I asked him where he wanna eat then... He couldn't make decision as well, so we listed a bunch of restaurant so we can choose... LOL, in the end, we decided to go to Seoul House.....While making decision, San San and Derek showed up. Then Derek said he wanna play footsal before going for dinner, and the reason he wanna play footsal is because he have never tried the one on the 1st floor one (uni provided a footsal machine at the second floor in Rutherford House)... Mao lit.... So all four of us move upstairs to play the footsal....

The after the 'match', we went to Seoul House to makan. We each ordered our own dish. Then I saw Kay came in... LOL.... Kesihan him... Always sees him alone for dinner...

~Me, holding up a menu~

~The side dish where you can refill unlimitedly~

~I like this seaweed the best!!~

~Our meal~

After the dinner, Frederick said if we should blow the candle in the shop, and I strongly said no!!! Being a very ordinary and humble person as I am, no way I want the whole shop know.. Then, Frederick suggested that we can go to Oriental Bay... My gosh, that night was so friggin cold and he still had the right mind to suggest to go to Oriental Bay.. Then Frederick suggested again that we could go to the place behind the City Library. And we all agreed, cause is so much closer... LOL...

~Night view of the place~

~Frederick bought me 2 slices of cake~

~Candle lighted cake~

After blowing candle and finished the cake, me and Derek teman Frederick to the bus stop to wait for his bus, and after sending that big kid off, me and Derek walked back home (he live near me) and me continue battling with that darned assignment!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birthday Pot Luck

Mua ka ka ka ka... My b'day is finally here!!!!! Another year older... Sad.... Anyhow, Nicole suggested earlier that to have a pot luck at her place to celebrate my bday. So those who turn up was me and Nicole (of course), then got Minwei (of course also, coz she live with Nicole), and Emma and her cousin!!!!! there are 5 of us, and because every one are going to cook at Nicole's place, so, Nicole asked us to go to her place at different time.
As were suggested we do pot luck, the menu for that day is superb!!!! High calories and protein not to mentioned, but taste very very nice!!! I made a mushroom dish, errr, kinda the hakka way.. I prepared the stuffing before going to Nicole's place, then do the stuffing at her place and deep fry it..... Then after the dish is done, sigh, every one tried a bit, then tray a but again then agian and again, lol, only left half when we all sit down together and eat...

~Finished stuffing and coating it with a layer of flour~

~Finished product, but still need to fry before it's edible~

~The final product!!! Looks golden brown, nice!!!!~

OK! Then it's Nicole's menu.... Her menu is ~~~~~~~~~~ PRAWN MEE!!!!!!! Yoo Hoo!!! Seriously, her prawn mee taste very alike!!! And she also prepared the belacan!!! OMG, Nicole, you're the best!!!! Mua ha ha ha ha.... And Emma tried the prawn mee for the 1st time, she was so so so shock that it tasted so nice!!! Ha ha ha ha... Not just the soup did taste like the ori one, but the taste also... Yummmmmy....

~JUST look at it, and you are already mouth watering~

~The essentials for the prawn mee~
~Couldn't go without the eggs and chicken floss with prawn mee~

~Setting up to eat the prawn mee~

Then go to Emma's dish for the day. She and her cousin made the pork leg. It's really really tasty, taste quite like the 纸包鸡, I like that dish a lot!!! Need to learn it before I go back to KK to cook for Mosquito them all... The preparation is quite easy, just need some time to bake it...

~Emma frying the leg before setting it into the oven~
~After finish baking it, Emma cuts it into piece, man, the aroma lingers the whole place~

Minwei made us radish cake, and of course, make from radish... I don't know how she prepared it, cause when I reach Nicole's place the radish cake are already baking in the oven... Too bad....
~It looks ordinary, but it taste fine!!!~

And of course, how could you not have a birthday cake for the event?! The cake is prepared by Emma and her cousin. They, ermm, kinda DIY the cake. They bought 2 pieces of plain cake from New World, they brought a pack of strawberries, cans of peaches and mixed fruits, and also whipped cream. And not to forget the chocolate fingers.... Everything goes alright, until Emma tried to spray whipped cream on to the cake. Guess what, the cream started to melt.. LOL...
~The cake in making progress~

~Look how tempting is the strawberries!!!~

~Ta Da! The finished cake!~

So, when everything is finished, we setted up the table and start feasting!!!!
~The table setted before feasting!!!~

After having a great dinner, the cake was brought out... Then putting in the candles, and when comes to lighting the candle, then only we found out that none of us had a lighter or matches. So, Nicole and Emma went next door to see if they have lighter... And luckily, they have... Nicole and Emma them all sang me birthday song.. Seriously, I was quite touched that time, cause in the previous years, some time my parents and even myself would forget my own birthday... Then, Nicole handed me a present. Well, the picture of the present I will upload next time. After making wish and blowing candles, given that we had a heavy meal just now, we manage to finish the all of the cake in 10 min!!! Yup, finished the cake in 10 min!!!! And we were quite shocked oneself also.... LOL!!!!
~Putting the candles on~

~Lighting up the candles~

~In progress of destroying the cake (btw, that's Nicole's hand there, LOL)~

~Putting the whole tin of whipped cream onto the cake~

~Lol, nice nice punya cake jadi macam ni, but still taste great!!~

~The left over of the cake, and it was finished in 10 min~

So after the meals and cakes, Nicole brought out a bottle of wine. We have a beer each during the dinner. Err, don't if Minwei is drunk or not, but she looked very very very super red after a can of beer and gotten worst after a cup of wine. We tried to play truth and dare afterwards, but tak jadi, so only lay around to chat...

~Emma accidently spilt Nicole's cup of tea, and the spillage looks like a devil, LOL~