Friday, June 26, 2009

Shopping Spree?

Rights, have been working now and after getting my salary, LOL, couldn't resist the temptation to buy things, because now ever where are at sales now... LOL... If mum knew about this, she'll say I 败家 again....

~Plain black shirt, for only $10~
~Spaghetti strapped, along with the white one below, same design,
but different color, for $25 for 2~
~Personally, I liked the white one better~
Then, during queen's birthday, and so coincidentally Rebecca Chan (one of my Hong Kong friend) came down to Wellington to visit me, and bought the rest of the stuff at Bling, one of the accessory shop in Willi's Street. All together the ear rings that I've bought only cost me $7.50!!!! Can you believe that?!

~Liked this, simple and nice~

~I've ever longed for a long one, but usually wither to many things
dangled on it or too long, this one is just nice for me~

~This one, bought it, but don't know whether to give Abi or to wear it
myself... Hhhmmm... Hard decision, LOL!!~

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