Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yesh!! Will be going home in 2 weeks time. Was so excited a month ago, but suddenly don't feel like going back, after I heard my mum told me that I’m going back to Seremban.

My last two week's activities... Last Sunday, no, should say last last Sunday, went out with Frederick and a new friend, called Kim, to yum cha in Regal. Nice food… Mua ha ha ha….

Then last Sunday, me and Nicole met in the morning market, then go makan makan in Eat Asian, then after that, went shopping. I’ve bought a New Zealand edition monopoly for my sis. I like this monopoly a lot, it will not be dealing in cash, but in the EFTPOS method… Mua ha ha ha… I’m sure my sis will like it, cause it won’t be seen anywhere else, unless my sis’s friend have siblings bought it back from NZ back for them… As for the price? Heh~ Ask me no question and I'll tell you no lies... Mua ha ha ha…

I still had a list of things to buy…. Miss Koh, my beloved piano teach, want me to buy some manuka honey for her, mum asked me to buy sheep skin for her then, then I heard that Wei Jie is going to move to a new house, so mum ask me to get her a sheep skin as well, then I need to buy thing for Ming Jie, G-Anne Jie (dunno whether she’s coming up to KK or not), Mr. Lim not going to buy him anything, perhaps, cause I’ve gotten him when I last went back, but probably a couple glass for him and Jannie (sorry ah Mr. Lim if your GF's name misspell.. he he..). Then I need to know whether Ah Gor coming up as well or not… Wah… my list getting very long leh… And not to forget Ah Yin jie’s key chains… aiks….

There goes all my salary…. I like the feeling of looking forward to go home, but time spending on to choose gift for my family and friends really gimme headache… ish…

I watched a new movie from Singapore, called “Money Not Enough 2”. The movie itself really bermoral, and the scene where the grandmother been treated badly by her sons and the scene that she pull out the oxygen tube to save her daughter makes me cry like mad… sob sob… Make me miss my grannie so so much… Then that day terus I call back to chat with her…

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Blog?

When I was a kid, I tried quite hard to keep a diary. But it failed due to my laziness and lack of perseverance. As I grew up, I remember things back then. I thought that I could remember things well and clear. Recently I read one of my friend's blog. In there, it refreshes my memory throughout my time spent with her and our group of friends. And it reminds me of some small things that I actually forgotten.

Maybe a blog to me is not just recording my life, but as an intermediate that I could look at and refreshes my memory on some certain things. I don't really trust my memory that much and I don't think I would hold a pen and really get down to it and write a diary.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Blog ~~~

Exams coming up, but have no mood to study. I've finshed watching the Moonlight Resonance (唐新风暴之家好月圆), a Hong Kong soap drama. In that drama, a lot of the scenes makes me cry. The drama brings back a lot of happy and sad memories to me. And makes me to think back my family dearly. The Jo Bao (Jo饱) , played by Ha Yu (夏雨), really resambles my dad. After watching the drama makes me home sick badly. I missed the time I spent with my family. Then, going trough the photos that I wanted to post up to this blog, I only found out that I don't have much photos with my family. I have a to-do-list now that have the highest priority, which is to take decent photos with my family once I go back to KK!!!