Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Blog ~~~

Exams coming up, but have no mood to study. I've finshed watching the Moonlight Resonance (唐新风暴之家好月圆), a Hong Kong soap drama. In that drama, a lot of the scenes makes me cry. The drama brings back a lot of happy and sad memories to me. And makes me to think back my family dearly. The Jo Bao (Jo饱) , played by Ha Yu (夏雨), really resambles my dad. After watching the drama makes me home sick badly. I missed the time I spent with my family. Then, going trough the photos that I wanted to post up to this blog, I only found out that I don't have much photos with my family. I have a to-do-list now that have the highest priority, which is to take decent photos with my family once I go back to KK!!!

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