Friday, June 26, 2009

Conclusion of My Bday~~~

This year quite fruitful.. compared to last year, LOL..... Firstly, introduce what mosquito had made for me, as usual, hand made card from the very artistic mosquito~~

~The front of the card, and just to mention, the leave is from Korea trip last year~

~The inside of the card, purely hand made~
~My family's initial, LOL, mum is the godzilla, dad is the pyton~
~The back of the card, imitating the real card you get in the market~

~This is created by me and mosquito and was first use when
we send a handmade card to Nai Nai~

Then, there are friend's cards and present... LOL... To be serious, this is my 2nd or 3rd time receiving presents from friends... Sad kan? I really appreciated it... And a lot!!!!!

~This card is from Frederic~

~From my best friend at UK, Sarah hunnie~

~Guess from who? From VICTORIA!!!! Shocking huh? I actually got it last year as well, but didn't expected to get it this year~

Nicole and Emma did a lot of things for me during my bday, and to tell you guys here (if you are actually reading my blog that is), deep down in my heart I'm really touched!!! And I do appreciated it very very very very very very muuuuuucccchhhhh!!!!!! Seriously, don't really know how to thank you guy. If in the future you guys ever need my help, don't hesitate to ask for my hand!!!!

~Card from Nicole and Emma~

~Gift from Nicole and Emma~

~The big gift from Nicole and Emma, the bag...~

~The bag when it's not being spread out~

~The bag fully spread~

That concludes my bday this year!!!! Sigh, another year older, but not getting any where more matured.... Guess being childish is my nature... LOL...
P/S: Nicole, thanks again for the presents and the party!!!!!

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