Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot Pot With Friend

Rebecca Chan came last few week, and dunno how to post this blog, because we had done quite a lot of stuff, so decided only post the steam boat me and Rebecca had on one of the nights.... About the steam boat, was quite different from those I had previously... Why? Usually I had steamboat, it's either a chicken based soup or a Tom Yum soup based, but this time, I've tried the 麻辣烫, a very very spicy soup base... My god... It's very very nice, and plus that night very cold, so having steamboat very very nice!!!! Me and Rebecca Chan went to buy ingredients for the steamboat, and each of us only need to spent 15 bucks per person, and we able to have prawn as well... Mua ha ha ha... Hard for us to eat prawn during normal time... Yummm.... And we also had fish, fresh fish!!!!

~The set out~

~Nice right? And got different choice also~

~We had Udon rather than Mi Hoon~

~Prawns and Fish!!~

~Vege, wong nga bak~

~Squid balls, surimi and hot dogs!~

~Chicken, and it's very tender~

~The hot pot!!!~

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