Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CNY Beijing Trip 14-20/2/2010

This year's CNY was a bit differnt, iunstead of staying back in KK rottting, we decided to plan another family trip to China!!! Well, that was just two months apart from outr Japan trip...

We were bound to fly on the 13th of February, which was the midnight of the CNY eve. We still had our reunion dinner, but the portion was a bit lesser than we normally will prepare, because we will be going to China for a 6 days 6 night trip.

After the dinner, we cleaned up every thing and preparing to go to the airport. Not a rush for us because our house is only 10 min away from the KKIA, and my parents still get to play mahjong with uncle and aunty lee wah them all....

But I had to leave early, because I'm the tour leader for this tour. But to be honest, nothing much needed to be done this time because this tour only consist 2 family and a total of 10 peopel including me... Wa ha ha ha ha... Yet, I still have to go to the airport early to get things done, such as issuing ticket and stuff like that.
While checking-in, I saw Yunn, coincidently she's a tour leader as well for Eddie, and was bringing tour to Taiwan. I laughed at her, cause I knew her mum would make noise since that she need to bring tour on the CNY eve and throughout the whole CNY... Then we gossiped a little, about some other's company's trouble on the last few trip to Japan...

Then, boarding time. As usual, we took Korean Air to China, but needed to transit in Korea for 2 hours.

~ Street View~

~ Another Street View ~

~ Unexpectedly found a vegetable that wtill had its root ~

~ Street view from the restaurant ~
~ The Bank of China ~

~Some tall buildings~

~ It was so cold that the river freezes over~
~ Pity the dog, its back got dyed with PINK~

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