Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dining at Dovish~~

Dovish, is one of my favourite restaurant in KK. We had then when I was back in KK on the second night. We had quite a few dishes, and some were my favourites.

~Sa Bak, a shell liked stuff steamed with garlic, man, tasted heavenly~

~Crabs, cooked with rice wine, and my god, you really can't find it anywhere~

~This vege, taste nice, but was not what I imagine to be like. I had this in another Dovish in Lahad Datu, that one is superb, but this one also nice, fried vegies, and had some dark soy sauce on top of it~

~Dong Fung Lor, shell like creature, not my favourite, but still quite nice~

~ Here come the main course, the ginger fried rice, yummy~

~Prawns, this is just normal prawns, just boiled with hot water, and the taste is so so so sweet~

~The size of the prawn~

~And lastly, the dessert, coconut pudding, one word, refreshing!!!~

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