Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Finals Result~~

My hard work during finals did paid off in the end. When I was having exams for my 3 papers, which are the INFO 101, MGMT 1o1 and QUAN 111, I thought that I've screwed it. The paper that worried me most is the bloody Quan 111. I'll remember it for the rest of my life, cause I had a friend told me that I can pass the paper easily by just doing pass years papers. Eventually I did. Quan paper was the last paper I had during my finals, and i only had 3 days to prepare for it. I could do the pass year, not excellently, but quite OK, I mean, at least I know how to do the question and at least finish the questions. Then the next day, was the big thing. was nervous that time, but still feeling quite a bit of confident. Then went it to the exam hall and opened up the question paper, taken a look on the 1st question, I was twitching. Then on the look of 2nd question, in my mind was "HOLY CRAP!". I tried my best to do the paper. And man, it was quite tough for me. Damn! Then, went out from the hall with one question not done, I was completely hopeless to get a pass on the paper.

However, I've check on my results week back, and man, I was glad that my hard work was paid. I got a little more than pass for that paper. Mua ha ha ha. When I went to check on my result on the black board and saw my result, I was so so so happy that I actually jumped up and down... Ha ha ha.. and I couldn't stop laughing the whole night!!!

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