Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ultraman Series~~

Lasrt night, around 11.30 p.m. like that, me and my family went to the mamaks, excluding my dad and my granny. 5 of us were hungry at that time, so we decided to go to Salim, where is the famous mamak stall here.

~This is the mamak stall looking from outside~
We went in there and sat down and started to order our food. I've order Madras Ping, along with Mee Goreng. Then my sis them all ordered Roti Telur, Roti Chanai, and Roti Tisu. While waiting for the food and drinks to come, I had my sis to pose for me for a camera shot.

Then our drinks came, and my beloved Madras Ping!!! Nice and refreshing. This drink is different from the Teh Tarik we usually had in the mamak stalls...
~It's refreshing enough ny just looking at it...~

There are quite a lot of people at the restaurant that time, so it took quite a while for the foods to arrive. Then, all four of us (of course my mum didn't join us in the stupid act...) transformed into Ultraman!!!!
~Ultraman No.1, Amanda Man!!!~

~Ultraman No.2, Melissa Man!!!~

~Ultraman No.3, Samantha Man!!!~

~And of course not to forget me, Ultraman No.4, Rebecca Man!!!~

Then finally at long last, our food came!!!! Man, of all of the food we ordered, and including the drinks, it only cost us RM 17.70!!!! My god, where can you find this cheap food in Wellington?! I don't feel like going back to NZ now... sob... sob...

~Mee Goreng, look so so so different from those "fake" ones you got in Wellington!!!~

~Roti Tisu~

~Roti Chanai~

~Roti Telur~

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Frederick Loh said...

Damn you! Keep eating! HA HA HA.. Ur roti tisu is so lucah. HAHAHAHA :p