Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yesterday Once More~~

Me and my family will be going to Korea on the 15th, and my dad's passport expired, and my 3 younger sis dun have passport. So, my dad brought the whole family to the immigration department to apply for a passport.

~The Immigration Department in Sabah~

We parked our car outside the building, then went into the department. We reach there around 9.30 a.m., and the department is already packed with people. We took the form and quickly filled it out. Because I don;t need to apply for a passport, as I already had one, so I helped my dad to fill out my 2 younger sisters' form. After done filling in the form, we all went to take the number to wait for our turn. After taking number, we manage to find a place to sit 6 of us. While waiting for the machine to call out our number, and we had nothing to do, me and my dad started to disturb Samantha. Poor her. The waiting was actually not too long. As the number called out are getting closer to our number, then the machine suddenly called out the number back wards. Samantha was impatient and started cursing. Then suddenly my dad took out his old passport and looked at it. Me and Samantha did not pay any attention to him, then suddenly my youngest sister was excited about something in the passport. It was about pictures of em and Samantha when we were kids. I think that was when I was 6 or 7 of age.

After taking a look on the picture, we started thinking back on the old days. Then I suddenly realised that the trip to Korea will be our 1st family trip to oversea. Then Amanda started to complain that she never went to overseas before and bla bla bla...
~Places me and my sis went to when we were kids~

It only took us less than 2 hours for the application process, after that, the officers asked us to go back and claim the passport after one in the afternoon. So, my dad drive us to the nearby town to get his things done. After my dad had gotten his things done, it's not even 12, so we went to the McD nearby the immigration department for lunch. We sit there till 1.05 p.m., then we went back to the immigration department to collect the passport. We then need to rush to the airport to collect my dad's business partner coming from KL, and had to borrow my dad's car to him. On our way back, my dad keep on saying how efficient the immigration are now. He told us that during his time, applying for a passport could take a day, or even days to get it done. Me and Sam was like OMG, it we were to experience that, we could die of impatient.

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