Friday, May 8, 2009

A Night Out To Movie

Went to see a movie on Tuesday with Nicole and MinWei. After class, I went to Nicole's place to wait for time to pass. Once reach her place, had some chinese style stir fry spagethi made by Nicole, very nice. Oh ya, the other day she made cheese cake, that one was superb!!! Then boring until have to watch 6 years old punya TV programme, then watch Simson before going out to movie.

We bought ticket before going to have dinner. We went to watch X-Men The Origin that night. We gave MinWei money to buy ticket all together. Heh, our seats were D1-3, and Nicole thought it was behind, who know seat A start from the screen... My god, when watching the movie so damn suffering, the screen was so so so huge... LOL!!!

~X-Men The Origins~

After bought the ticket, we went to have dinner at the food court in the cinema. We had Japanese food. I've ordered Teriyaki set, and my goodness sake, the whole set salty until mum also cannot recognise... Ha ha... But overall the whole meal was quite good despite the saltiness...

~My set of Teriyaki, yum~

~Nicole's set of meal, fried chicken~

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