Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Newest Interest

Heh, went on a stroll in the city during holidays. Then, walked into the Swarovski. Since a kid, I'm interested in crystal, but those crystals that I ever saw was just a very normal coloured crystal. Dunno why, after going in to the Swarovski shop, I just couldn't leave my mind free of crystals... Sigh... I like their porducts a lot!!!

~I never like shiny and complicated design ring, but I really like this one~

~Man, I really like this watch~

~Sigh, really nice, when can I buy it myself?~

~Phone strap, nice and simple~
Sigh, wonder if I could have enough money to buy... If you ask me, I prefer crystals than diamond, for no reason, I never liked diamond, and I don;t know why so many girls liked diamonds...

1 comment:

ChuiYing said...

it really looks very attractive worh...
very shining oohh..(include the price oso)
ganbatte save more money to buy it lo...XD~~