Friday, May 8, 2009

My Everyday Dinner

I never like eating alone... I prefer to eat with my family... My family are never quiet when we eat dinner, and everybody will share their everyday things together during that time... And we can laugh so hard out for dad's joke. And plus, Mum's cooking so so delicious!! So, when I come back to NZ, I need to cook myself, sigh... My cooking can't compared to my mum's... It's hard to cook for a person's person. Well, need to cook nice thing for my own..... Heh... Below is what I usually cook for dinner.

~Clay Pot, or should say, Rice Cooker Rice, >.<~

~Chicken Porridge~

~Butter Chicken, but not nice as you got in the restaurant~

~Fried Udon, I like this a lot~

~Fried Salmon, with miso~

~Cucumber with egg, and along miso soup~


ChuiYing said...

wow....i saw miso soup...
i think ur cooks oso nt bad bah...XD~~

Mosquito said...

How come the butter chicken is RED??!!

cainsfeel said...

because the sauce is red, that's why.... and those you get from outside also red... so it's RED!!!