Friday, March 20, 2009

Lahad Datu - Sandakan Trip

Was just an ordinary Saturday, with Monday is a public holiday, I didn't do any planning towards the long weekend... A Really normal morning, fussing my sisters to wake up, starve to death because the devils woke up late... The around 11.00 a.m., mum called back and asked us to pack up our things to go to Lahad Datu.... I was stunned, because dad had went to LD a few days ago. Then mum said dad asked us to go..

mum:"Eh, go ask the devils to pack up their things... We are going to LD..."
me:" huh? how come so suddenly?"
mum:"your dad ask us to go down to spend the public holiday with him..."
me:" heh?! then how we go down there?"
mum:"we drive..."

I was speechless, cause driving to LD, even or dad, need about 6 hours plus... Plus, me and mum dun really drive long range much, and that time is already 11.00 already.. Then...

me:" har? now 11.00 liao wor... by the time we reach there it's gonna be around 8.30 pm, you and dad crazy ka?"
mum:"I dun care, you go wake up your sisters and I give you one hour to get everything set!!"

~It's across the Sabah, and it's by driving~

I haven't even finished what I wanted to say, then she hangs up the phone.. She is crazy!!!! Get every thing set in an hour?! Pardon me, I need to explain what I need to do in an hour : get the devils up and get them pack their things, and they are slowpokes; need to prepare light meals for the journey; get contact my cousin to get the stupid dog feed while we are gone; pack my stuff; check the security of the house; do the laundries; throw out the rubbish and clean the washing basin, in case there are armies of ants; start the car, get everything into the car.... Man, my mum is crazy. But I manage to do everything in an hour... Then mum comes back around 12.30 and we start our journey....

Not much commotion during the journey from our house on the way to Kundasang, except I almost get mum to go to the wrong way to Kudat.... I'm not really good in going to Ranau, but much better in getting to Kudat... Well, either way could get us to Lahad Datu, but the way I shown to mum need another hour to reach Lahad Datu. We had a small pit stop at the KFC in Ranau, then happily set off again... From Ranau to Telupid, was quite rocky, and cause we were quite hungry, we start munching on n the KFC, then suddenly, mum warn us that a big bump is coming up.. We were quite used to those bumps, as dad always runs over them without telling us and send us really flying in the mid air... So we were quite prepare for the bump, as I was holding a box of fried chicken, and Mosquito is holding a box of Cheesy Wadges... Then....
Over the bump, we are flying in mid air, as well as the chicken and Cheesy Wadges.......

It made quite a mess, and plus before, I accidentally spill the "猪肠粉"... We were lucky that dad wasn't in the car that time, cause if he is, we'll be scolded really badly... Then from Telupid, mum switch driver with me, and I need to drive to the check point at the junction to LD and Sandakan. Then from there, mum will continue again all the way to LD... We almost gone the wrong way, when we were a big round about... Mum said She never seen the round about before, and wanted to turn the car back to the Check point, then I said is the right path, just keep to the 12 o'clock exit... Mum don't really trust me cause at the beginning I almost get her to the wrong way... Mum and me continue argue then suddenly, mosquito shouted:"Aiyor!! Go look for a bloody sign board then we know we are at the right path or not!!!" Just as she said, a sign board came up and indeed, we are at the right path... I'm remember clearly that dad said something bout the round about, so, I win this time... He he he he...
We have another 45 mins more to reach the LD town, then dad keep on calling us every 15 min, asking how many miles more to the town (he can't call earlier cause the there is no line for some part of the road...)... Then, finally we reach!!!! Straightly, we went to Dovist to have our late dinner... Then, we went to Elite Score Hotel (basically is where the new dorm for the directors...). Mosquito wondering if she will "fat one" again or not, and she was quite worry, cause every time she been to LD she sure got sick...
After dinner, we went back to the "Hotel", me and mosquito share a room, and the other 4 of them share another room. Me, mosquito and dad went to our room to get the beds ready... dad said we could use the cupboard, then I go open it up. Suddenly, a "xiu keong" showed up in front of me, then I go scream... Wa ah ah ah... 1st time I scream because of cockroach... Then Abi scream upstairs in my dad's room... The reason, same as me.... Wa ha ha ha
The next day we went looking for food, so we went to Dovist again... I had curry, man, the curry is so damn nice, rich in coconut milk..... They only had the curry for noodle, but not for rice. Mosquito wanted to eat rice (饭桶一个!!!), and only want a plain rice and the curry, so me and mum order 2 bowls of curry, and mosquito ordered only plain rice, and she go hijack some curries from me and mum...

~The curry I've ordered, and came along with yong zhap (酿炸)~

~Sam's plain rice with curry hijacked successfully~

We planned to stay in LD for 2 nights, but didn't, cause the next afternoon, after shopping in the only shopping mall in LD (mosquito finally got to buy herself a pair of jeans), dad said we go to Sandakan... it's only an hour plus to Sandakan.. On our way to Sandakan, we stopped by at one of dad's construction site, the Sandakan Dam.

To be honest, it's very rare that people get a chance of visiting these kind of place. I have been to the dam during it's start of construction, and in the dam, you can still see a some houses and a lot of trees... This time, I can only see water...

~The construction site~

~You can't really see how huge the place is from here~

By the time we reach to Sandakan, it was night time. We da pau yong zhap on the way back to hotel, and also had dinner on the way... We had seafood as usual, then suddenly dad got a call from his friend to go sing Karaoke with him. So instead of going back to hotel straightly to hotel, we made a turn to the Pub... We stay there for an hour, then dad send us back to hotel 1st, he and mum freshen up a bit before going back to the pub...

We, the 4 devils, stay in the hotel quietly and watched TV. Mei Mei fell asleep while waiting for mum and dad to come back. Then around 1 in the morning, when dad reach home, all hell break loose... Dad rang the bell continuously, and before I go get the door, I'm damn sure that he's drunk!!

Finally he's asleep, and OMG, the snores from him.... sigh... Then in the middle of the night, I need to fight the blanket from mosquito, as you see, 4 of us sleeps in the king bed, where mum and dad squeeze in the single bed, and with Mei Mei and Abi's bad sleeping habit, me and mosquito didn't had much sleep that night...

Then we go had brunch the next day at the famous Bak Kut Teh(肉骨茶) in the town... The Bak Kut Teh in Sandakan is quite different from those you get in KK or KL. It's spicy, and instead you have rice to go with that, you can actually have it with vermicelli... And the meat balls are so so nice.. The prawns, are fresh!!!! And the veges actually goes with the soup very nicely!!!

~We ordered the prawns, the kidney, the meat, meat balls and some veges~

~Yum!!! You can actually have a few bowls of rice and still not getting enough of it!!!~

~Quite extraordinary to eat without rice, and the soup is mamamia!!~

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