Friday, March 20, 2009

CNY Reunion Dinner

Today is the night for Reunion Dinner.... This year is much better, cause we have manage to finish the cleaning yesterday night... Then, mum made us dinner, a very very tasty dinner.... We had dinner at around 5.45pm... And the dishes for the dinner, is irresistible!!! Each dishes for Chinese new year reunion dinner has their own meaning, and there are some dishes that is a mush for reunion dinner...

~The Reunion Dinner~

~Tomato prawns, man, with the sweet and sour taste...~

~Fish, with the meaning of reching higher with every step(步步高升)~

~Lettuce, with the meaning of prosperity(生财=生菜)~

~It's a bit different than the chicken you would have out side, and we choose herbal chicken, because we like it!!!~

~Tri colored vegetables, and the meaning, I don't know...~

~The soup, was suppose to have lotus soup, but choose this one instead, cause the ingredients had been in the fridge for some time...~

We finished dinner around 6.25 pm, then start out with the last cleaning we had, which is washing the floor outside... I didn't join the troop, cause Mosquito didn't wanna do the dishes, so I have to do it... The 5 of them, with 3 adults really washing the floor, and with 2 devils playing with water, I can actually hear shouts from them even I'm in the kitchen...

~The final rinse of for the floor~

~Bringing out the new sets of chopstick to use during new year, bought from Korea!!!~

After the cleaning, we went to town, for last minute shopping, but didn't buy anything, cause we had bought all the stuff we wanted...

Then, we decided to head back home, since there are so many people in town. We went back and took shower. Err, the shower is a bit different than the normal shower we had... This shower is taken along with some flowers and pamelo leaves, as the elder says, to clean away the bad luck from last year... After each and every one took turn of showering, Mosquito only found out that we did not take out the biscuits and cookies, and mandarin oranges!!! So we quickly arrange every thing and every thing need to be done before 12 o'clock midnight...

~Forgot what is this call, but mum ask me to stick it to the basket~

~The biscuits and cookies and other stuff, after put in the container, then up to the table~

Every thing are all set!!! Once reach 12 o'clock, the neighborhood start playing with fire works and fire crackers... Poor Terry, he's afraid of fire works, once the fireworks start, he had to run into the house and hide under the computer table... Poor him...

~Yay, fire crackers, nice huh~

~Another fire crackers, being thrown by me~

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ChuiYing said...

don't u think tat the fish bring meaning of 年年有余?..