Friday, March 20, 2009

CNY Eves

Chinese new year is just another few days ago.... As usual, the whole family started cleaning the house!!! (I have already started a 2 weeks earlier, but given the size of the bloody house, it's quite impossible for me to finish cleaning everything!!) So 1st thing 1st, to get the study room clean. OMG, you should have seen the dirtiness of the room.... And it's in a mess!!! Me and Abi was cleaning the study room, dad and mosquito is redesigning the kitchen, and mum is cleaning her room, and Mei Mei? stopping herself in making more mess.....

Then, we need to clean the windows, the doors, the floors, the pianos, wipe the walls, etc., etc. Although we had a long week end to clean the house, but with the size of the house, and with only 4 person that get used of CNY cleaning, plus an apprentice(Abi, I'm training her to help with the house chores), 3 days is not enough, plus we need to decorate the house, and was the floors outside the house.... I just hate big house!!!

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