Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eating @ The General Practitioner

Went to have dinner at The General Practitioner on the 27th Sept.
This restaurant was a long standing restaurant in Wellington. 
The outermost of the restaurant was vintage,
however, every time I pass by it, it never fail to capture me attention.

Finally, I've gotten a chance on trying its dinner menu, 
along with the same gang,
Me, Mossy, Nicole and LP.

Had a very huge misunderstood during that day.
Days before, the 4 of us actually decided to have dinner at another place called White House,
however, after LP got back home,
me, Mossy and Nicole suddenly changed our plan to the GP, instead of WH.

So, what happened was that none of us remember to update LP about the change of plan,
and somehow, LP double check with the time with us on the very day,
yet, none of us remember to let him know the change of place.

So, LP ended up in the White House,
and the rest of us went to GP.


While waiting for LP to come over to GP from the White house,
the 3 of us played with the camera for a bit,
taking pictures of the interior, 
taking pictures of us...

After finished SS'ing, 
we finally sat down quietly and looked at our menus.
We waned to wait for LP together to order our dishes, 
but we are too hungry,
so we ordered an entree and our mains.

The dishes turned out to be above average,
but my dish was the best of all,
it was the Confit Duck Leg,
roasted and served on potato roast with pickled red cabbage and cranberry chutney.
Mossy had venison,
it was quite good, but not as superb as White House's venison.

Nicole had  the Lamb Rump,
it was roasted Canterbury lamb served with potato gratin, savoy cabbage sauté with butter and black pepper.

LP had the Beef Fillet,
 char grilled 200g steak served with café de paris butter and hand cut chips.

The entree we ordered was Salt and Pepper Squid,
served on pickled cucumber with chilli jam.

The GP had only limited main dishes. GP does more wines and spirits than doing mains.
There are huge selections of wines in GP.

~The outer view of GP~

~ The wall of "fame", if you are there, take a close look on those pictures, tells a lot of stories~

~Trophies once hunted!~

~Dining tables~

~Our entree~

~Lamb rump~

~Confit Duck Leg~


~Beef Fillet~

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