Monday, January 25, 2010

Japan Trip 18-25.12.2009 - Pre-departure

Finally et to go to Japan!!! Mua ha ha ha ha.... Preparation need to be done... This time, as usual, going to Japan with family, and also A-wei.
All of us have to have documentation prepared before we can go apply for visa, However, just 10 days before we were suppose to fly off to Japan, our documentation got return by the Japanese embassy office in KK, reason was, because our passport was A xxxxxxxx, meaning that we are from A zone, we have to go back to A zone to submit our document. In which it meant, we have to go all the way back to KL to get the application done. And to make things stress, visa application takes up 5-7 working days....
So, to fix things right, I need to fly back to KL early morning. I took Air Asia bound to KL around 7.00 am, reached LCCT around 9.20am, then catch the express bus to KL Central and reach there 10.30 am. Luckily, my mum had sent some one to meet me and the Central, so i dun have to go all the way to Putera Jaya. Things gone good and every document was all checked by the guy who meet me and got every thing done by 11.00 am, so need to head back to LCCT. Then the next problem come! Cause in the morning I bought the ticket directly from the counter, so I wasn't able to buy a return ticket from there as well. So need to go back to LCCT to check the nearest flight that bound back to KK. Reach there around 12.30 pm, check with the counter, and guess wat? They told me that the next possible flight was the next day 6.00 pm. hell no I'm going to wait that long!!!!
So, i check if there are other flight in LCCT that fly to KK, and sadly, no. So, took an express bus to KLIA. Reach KLIA, they say there are flights that bound to KK, but need to be wait listed. so wait and wait and wait and wait..... and finally got the last flight back to KK at 7.30 pm.
Gosh, was so exhausted that day. Then we need to start packing. As usual also, I'm the one who organise everything... LOL...
4 days before we bound to fly to Japan, our visa is not back yet form Japan. All of us was stressed to the max, cause we were so anticipated to go to Japan. Then the next day, when me and A-wei and Mosquito and the 2 devil went for last time shopping to get all the things we needed to Japan, something happened! First, A-wei, Mosquito and A-bi were trying on a few pairs of jeans in F.O.S. Me and Mei2 went to toilet and came back while waiting for them to try on their garment, and both of us were so tired, that we decided to sit at a bench near the fitting room. Then suddenly, every thing went black. The whole shopping complex had lost its current.And so happenly 2 minutes before the black out, Mei2 went into the fitting room to kacau a-Wei. So once the black out, I heard Mei2 screamed. Then, all 4 of them came out quickly form the fitting rooms. We wanted to pay for the garment that we wanted, but turned out that there weren't even back up generators running, so the sales can't operate the cash register.
Then a-wei grew worried, and ask us to get out of the building as fast as possible. Once we got out from the building to the street, a-wei told us stories happened some of the shopping complex during black-out, which mostly involves with cold-blooded robbery. We can't leave as well because i've parked the car in the parking lot. So, we went to the near by McDonald for some light snacks and waited for the current to come back. During the wait, mum call me. That time, Mei2 was playing at the play land, Mosquito and A-bi went to toilet, so only left me and A-wei that time. In the phone, mum told me the phone was rejected. I was 1st quite shocked. Then, i found it was a bit strange, because it the visa not approved, she will sound very stressed, but her voice when she was talking to me was to joyful, at once i knew she was lying... LOL, then, mosquito knew bout the "lie" and me, a-wei and Mosquito decided to play the trick on a-bi and mei2. Should have look how disappointed the 2 devils were when we told them we are not going to Japan. They didn't even talk much on our way back home. We kept it so long until dinner, we told the 2 devils that it was just a prank, LOL, i never seen their face change so fast... LOL!!!!
Then, same prank played to my dad, but was done by my mum. Dad then phoned me to confirm the news, then only i reveal the prank, and he was shooting at me.... LOL... make him though that he can't go play snow....LOL....

~Creative luggage tag done by A-bi~

~Packed luggage waiting to go on board!~

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