Monday, April 6, 2009

$$ MONEY $$

I hate every school semester starts!!!!! Currently in year 2 now, and guess what, no body tell me that studying accounting needs to pay a fortune for the books!!!!! Guess how much I spent?

50 bucks? You're dreaming...

100 bucks? Not even a book's price...

150 bucks? Guess again...

200 bucks? Closing on...

250 buck? Almost there...

300 bucks? BINGO!!!!!

~TADA!! Almost all the books that are needed for my ACCY 231, Financial Accounting~

~It's only week 6 and already have volume 2, and volume 3 is coming out at week 9~

~My "beloved" text book... They say is a prescribe one in the book shop, but then, the lecturers tell us that it's only recommended~

~The Bible for all accountant, The Reporting Standards~

~LOOK at how thick it is, and the phone is Nokia N73~

~The total thickness of all my accounting book, and beside there is the normal stabilo pen~

And that, is only one of my paper, which is Acccounting 231, not including other papers... GOD... And I have already spent almost 500 bucks on it... And it's equivalent to MYR 1000+!!!

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